The Story

A brand born from a love of fashion and a commitment to the best quality.


Every Gianna Meliani collection is loyal to its original inspiration. For this reason, in all of the Gianna Meliani shoes we can recognize a reference to the 60s, to fashion, to music, to art and to the lively and exciting times of that generation. At the same time Gianna Meliani footwear is also current and up-to-date, and this is due to the extraordinary sensitivity of the Italian designer and her sense of trends.


The joy of living
The colors and joy.
The strength of an emotion.
The warmth of a ray of sunshine, that bursts into the bright air on a Spring morning.
The desire to freely run and laugh.
Walk with your head up high and look everywhere
Embrace life with a sublime love.

Gianna Meliani's Shoes

The shoes are made in Italy by skilled artisans with comfort and outstanding perferction. In the same family owned factory in Tuscany where the young Gianna grew up. A career that saw her at first designing and producing shoes for some of the most influential designers and international fashion brands, in the world. Gianna then created a line of her own in which she could express her talents and passion, therefore the Gianna Meliani collection was born.


Gianna Meliani is recognized by critics and public as high quality items, absolutely feminine and enchanting without excess, Gianna Meliani shoes are sold in selected boutiques all over the world and also online.